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I use excel 2016 for my monthly bills. My lay out is a column for the bill, a column for the amount and a column for when and how paid.


column A visa, Column C $12.00, column E  OL-2-4


Say 15 rows.  Each month I pay about 8 bills. The names are set.  I add the dollar amount and how payed in the appropriate row and cells.

Been doing this many years. Last few seems something has changed. Before when entering when and how, the cells going down, the rows would auto fill the entry, even when I skipped rows.

Now when I skip a row or 2 the entry won't auto fill. 

Not sure if 'auto fill' is the correct term, getting old.

Thanks any help appreciated

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Hi @FredP76 


it sounds as if you are using a formatted table for your past entries and now the new entries seem to be outside of the formatted table.


Example: Up to row 11, everything is within the formatted table, as you can see the additional menu "Table Design" (the exact name may vary depending on your Excel version)


Row 13, on the other hand, is outside of the formatted table, as there is no additional menu visible.



Check this out in your file. If this is similar, you just need to extend the table range, so it includes all lines:







I looked at my spreadsheet and can see no indication of a table any where.  How can I tell if cells or columns are in a table?

DTE, I just opened a new excel 2016 sheet, blank. If I make an entry each cell column A, the column B adjacent cell will duplicate my first entry. If I skip a few rows in column A, make another entry. Then the adjacent cell in column B will not duplicate.
This is a brand new sheet nothing else done. Is there something in the background , unseen, that can be adjusted?

Hi @FredP76 


I'm not sure if I fully understand:

You open a blank sheet and just enter something in column A. And this is duplicated automatically in column B? Without any formulas?

Yes , no formulas.
column A- 1 att, 2 paper,3 house, 4 elect, skip 4 rows, 9 pge, 10 sewr, skip 2 rows, 13 mail
Column C - 1 ol 1-4, then in rows 2-4 ol 1-4 auto fills, when I skip to row 9 no auto fill but after entry row 10 auto fills
The auto fill function in settings is enabled but not consistent through out the form. I think that is what I'm talking about. I really have no understanding of Excel but really like using it when it's consistent.
Thanks so much for your help.