Entering set of data in one tab and using button to move data to another tab/cells in same workbook

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I would like to use an excel 365 file to work as a very simple database. I have created a simple entry tab which appears like a form. I want the entered and calculated cells from that tab to be moved into a more linear table which can store all these data sets over time.  Once all data from a test is input into the tab (form) I would have a button that would cut the information from that test and paste it into different cells of another tab in the worksheet which would be more like a simple table.  Any ideas on how to best do this ??  I am under the impression it would be a macro button? Any help greatly appreciated. 


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In general, if you want a button to trigger something, it means that a macro is doing the work.
Do I understand right that the button would cut all the data from one sheet and paste it into a different sheet?

Couldn't you just link the "database" tab to the "entry" tab with formulas?

I am not sure how you mean to do that ?  I want to enter information in from a field test then once the simple calculations are done (built in to the cells) I would  want them to hit "save" or save and send" so that all the numbers cleared out and we saved to various cells in the next tab.  Any help on how best to do that would be greatly appreciated. 




To suggest a solution you need to show us the the layout of the entry and another tab and explain where the info entered into the entry tab should go on another tab.

Why not upload a sample file with both the tabs where entry tab is filled with entries and the another tab is mocked up manually to show us how the data is being fetched from the entry tab with the help of simple mapping on another tab?

e.g. if the value from cell A2 on entry tab is going into the cell B2 on another tab, just place the formula =Entry!A2 in the cell B2 on another tab.



Here is the tab with the entry points and simple calculations to figure out data.


Here is the "receiving" tab that I want to move over to the other tab and each time a test is performed the data will be saved on the next open row whatever that is. So one entered or calculated cell on the entry tab would be moved to a corresponding data entry tab column.



@PhilHSEP I'd strongly suggest you use ms-access instead, but if you insist on excel, why not a form? Some info here:




Please upload an Excel Workbook instead of images to work with.

Also, which fields are mandatory and should be filled before user clicks the button to transfer the data to the receiving tab? All of them?


I appreciate the feedback and am getting the feeling that excel macros would be more difficult than just building a simple access database with one table and one form.  Does this sound correct to you ?

I am using a tablet that is running off android system and using google drive so they always want to convert everything to thier software which is different as you probably know.  I will need to ensure MS software installed and use other browsers etc.... to make access work right ?


Regards and Much thanks 


I am looking for direction so I can do this, not for someone to do it for me.  If you know where I can find this answer any help is greatly appreciated. 




@PhilHSEP Well, in that case your options are more limited. Access may not be an option, and i'm not even sure if excel forms will work either. You could try power apps, which could let you read data from google drive too.