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I have my cell format set to Date 14/03/12. However, when I enter a date, Excel entirely changes it. For example, if I enter 010121 (for 1 January 2021) it comes up as 16/09/27. Do I have to enter / between the day, month and year for every entry? That's very tedious ... What am I doing wrong??

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short answer is yes. you could use 1-1-21 if you prefer but otherwise excel just thinks you entered a number 010121. if you want you can convert all your dates to days so entering 44197 would give you 1/1/21 and 44198 will give you 1/2/21, etc...
OK! Thank you.

An additional note:

As @mtarler mentioned, Excel stores dates as numbers starting with 1 being 1/1/1900.  So, 10121 is the 10121st day since 1/1/1900 (a.k.a. 9/16/1927)

@LIz_CC Excel sees your entry as number 10121. Formatted as a date it will become the 10121th day counted from January 1, 1900. Hence,  16 September 2027. If, for example, your Excel recognises English dates you can just enter 10jan in a cell that is formatted as dd/mm/yyyy and it will show as 10/01/2021.


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Thank you!
OK. Thank you.