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I'm trying to create a currency converter in Excel. I insterted two text boxes (ActiveControls): an input box for the currency to be converted, and an output box for the result. I then insterted two combo boxes that are linked to two cells containing currency name (e.g USD, EUR). Then I used the CONCAT function to create a currency pair (=CONCAT(AH43;"/";AH44)). After all I tried to make a Stock Data Type from the cell containing the currency pair, but unfortunately an error pops up "We can't convert this into a data type. This happens with cells that contain formulas, or are in a PivotTable. Select a cell with text and try again".

The problem is I thought it was the simplest way to create a currency converter. So is there any method to omit the error or do something else?

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In your formula are semicolon, shouldn't there be a comma?

(= CONCAT (AH43; "/"; AH44))

At the same time, you should make sure that the cell formatting is not text (despite seeing numbers).


Here is a simple example of currency conversion using a formula.

Example in the inserted file.


Additional Information:


Get a currency exchange rate



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