Entering Customer details in an invoice

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Hi All,

I have an enquiry regarding the use of invoices.  Again I apologise I cant post an example..... hopefully below gives you the idea. 

I've created drop down lists for a customer id in the top of an invoice near the date, this then auto fills the customers Company.... but I can only make it fill in one single line.

For Example;


Selecting customer Id : ABC

Auto fills the company name ABC Cleaning Contractors


but doesn't allow for the subsequent lines, ie address, phone number web site..



ABC Cleaning Contractors

123 Bright Street, Spotlessville, NSW 2000

T: 9999 1234

www. ABCClean.com.au 

E: Cleaners@ABCCleaning.com.au


I've tried a heap of different ways and formula's like IFS to auto populate the name but cant make it work with more than one line..... Any ideas? Ideally a customer card or similar with details on it????

Thanks again! 

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Hi mick

Use Vlookup Formula if you have a separate database of customer with id , then by using vlookup formula you can fetch the data easily Like : =vlookup(Cus_id,Database Array,Col index,0)help3.PNG