Entering conditional formatting in an unfinished table

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I have a table for which I would like to use conditional formatting. There are multiple columns in this table, but the most important ones are expected delivery(for example 27/10/21) and delivered (where only yes or no can be entered).

The thing I want to do is to make a row have a red background when the expected delivery date has passed AND the delivery has not been made. =AND($A$2<TODAY(); $B$2 = "yes") is the formula I have tried and it does not work. 

Another important matter here is how to make sure this rule applies to the entire sheet, as this table will be continuously updated. 

Thanks in advance. 

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=AND(A1<TODAY(), B1 = "yes")

if only column A should be highlighted

=AND($A1<TODAY(), $B1 = "yes")

if columns A and B should be highlighted