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I just bought this computer windows 10 (linovo).

I payed 150 euros to have word and exel.

But I can't enter exel..  They say that I need to buy it???

I bought it for 150 euro extra.

Do I something wrong?  I tried everything...



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Microsoft Excel and other important Office programs can be accessed free of charge over the Internet, and all you need is a Microsoft account.

Go to Office.com and create an account, or sign in to an account you already have.

With your registration you can use Excel for web for free.

Excel for web has limited functions.


However, if you have purchased a product license, you can navigate through these steps as they have not given a precise description.



This topic describes Microsoft Office activation and Office activation failures. The Windows Support Center - Office includes additional information on Microsoft Office activation and Office activation failures. For issues related to keys, refer to First steps for Microsoft Office activation success, and troubleshooting.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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