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Hi - my program needs an eNPS, FCR and CSAT report to track both the program and agent level performances. 


In our raw data, we consider customer rating of 4 & 5 as promoters, 3 as neutral and 1 & 2 as detractors. 


What I'd like to do is to use the pivot table to be able to show the following view:

- the agent's name, his eNPS and CSAT performance

- the program's eNPS and CSAT Performance

- show which call type/disposition are most impacting (with low eNPS/CSAT score. 

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You didn't confirm what exactly you want ? If it's related to pivot table, kindly share the sheet or a link to acces file.

@UpskillNinja Share a link to access the sample file, i understand the requirements hence i'd be able to assist you,. but without file, would be difficult to explain all in box.