Enabling Macros in Excel for Mac version 16.52

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Cannot download and open an excel file with macros in edit mode. File won't open other than Read Only even after changing the options in Excel Preferences >Security>Enable all macros 

I have updated to the latest Office 365 for Mac, excel version 16.52, run through all the suggestions again under Developer. Still cannot get the file to enable macros??

I'm using MacBook Pro with macOS Big Sur Version 11.5.2 

See attached file I'm trying to open in edit mode to enable macros

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Does Mac have a security options for files downloaded from websites like Windows has: https://jkp-ads.com/Articles/Excel-Add-ins-fail-to-load.asp

HI @Jan Karel Pieterse 

Thanks for responding so quickly.



Mac does have security options, but I have tried all those and Macro's still won't work.


cheers Kim

Can you set up a trusted location (in Excel, Options, Trust center)? If yes, does it work if you store the file in that location?
There is no "Trust Center" in Office for the Mac.

I have tried > Tools > Security Options or Excel > Preferences > Security Options

the above has not allowed access to macros - can only save the file in Read Only mode
Wait, the issue was with the file being read-only. Click the File tab of the ribbon, select the Info option, click the "Protect workbook" drop-down. Is the "Always open read-only" item highlighted by any chance?

As you can see by the attached screenshot, no the Always Read Only is not highlighted or ticked.

It appears there is no fix for this issue