Enabling Interactive Calculation

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When I enable interactive calculation in a worksheet, is this setting or function enabled only for this worksheet or does it apply to any other worksheet that I open and work on later?
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You are probably referring to "iterative computation".

If so, read my comments again.

If it is not the case and I have misunderstood it, please ignore my comment.


Once you've activated this option, it will remain active, but only for you.

But it doesn't stay for others.

If you send the worksheet to your co-workers, colleagues or friends, for example, it is not activated.


Simplified, if you activate the iterative calculation in a workbook, it remains activated in this workbook even after you open it later.

If you send this workbook to another, the iterative calculation is canceled.

This could of course be dealt with with VBA code.


I hope I could answer your question.


I also wish you a lot of fun with Excel.



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