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Hi I need help with Macro settings

I´m doing and Excel course in Coursera, when I downloaded the files that contain Macros Excel doesn´t allow me to run them. I have done the following and still doesn´t work:

1. Developer tab / Macro Security / enable macros: didn´t work (closed and open the files many times)

2. Developer tab / Macro Security / Trusted location: didn´t work (files also with enable Macros on)

3. In the file icon / Right click / Properties: Properties doesn´t show the Macro option at the bottom which i find weird.

4. Save the file as an Add - in: didn´t work


Help will be much appreciated

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You didn't include the error message but my guess is you're getting a message saying macros are blocked because the workbook is not trusted. Essentially, you need to clear the author information from the file properties. Go to file | info | Properties | Advanced properties - remove the author information, save the workbook, close it and re-open it.

Thanks Patrick, it did work!. Couldn´t find this answer anywhere, not even in Chatgpt :)
Glad it worked! I've seen it come up several times in the past few weeks. Clearing the author is the least amount of work needed to resolve it.

@Patrick2788 It didn't work for me. Any other suggestions? I should mention the files I'm trying to enable are all from a Onedrive share file. Thanks in advance for your help.

I followed your instructions and it didn't work for me. I deleted the author...any other suggestions? the "enable VBA macros" does not work either. SOS!!