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Hi I need help with Macro settings

I´m doing and Excel course in Coursera, when I downloaded the files that contain Macros Excel doesn´t allow me to run them. I have done the following and still doesn´t work:

1. Developer tab / Macro Security / enable macros: didn´t work (closed and open the files many times)

2. Developer tab / Macro Security / Trusted location: didn´t work (files also with enable Macros on)

3. In the file icon / Right click / Properties: Properties doesn´t show the Macro option at the bottom which i find weird.

4. Save the file as an Add - in: didn´t work


Help will be much appreciated

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You didn't include the error message but my guess is you're getting a message saying macros are blocked because the workbook is not trusted. Essentially, you need to clear the author information from the file properties. Go to file | info | Properties | Advanced properties - remove the author information, save the workbook, close it and re-open it.

Thanks Patrick, it did work!. Couldn´t find this answer anywhere, not even in Chatgpt
Glad it worked! I've seen it come up several times in the past few weeks. Clearing the author is the least amount of work needed to resolve it.