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A = dayshift, P = night shift.  I would like to have a separate row for each shift at the bottom of the schedule that will tally the amount of A's for days and the P's for nights.   Three of each are required for each day of the month.  If it is possible I would like for it to tally the total number and show the need as well. Thank you in advance for your time. 


Amanda, Director of Nursing


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@a08910 There's a lot of additional jargon being used in the table aside from just "A" and "P". Are codes like "RO", "PO", "PE" and "EDO" to be ignored? And what about days where it looks like two employees are splitting a shift? For example: on the 20th, Carla shows 11p-7 and Jennifer shows 7p-11. Should each of these be counted as a half shift? There are also some inconsistencies in this regard, as on the 24th, Sherri is showing 11-7 without any indication if it's "A" or "P".


I would like to recommend the COUNTIF function, but it would be very difficult to establish a pattern with the current layout and coding system that will return accurate results.