Employee attendance record Alterations

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I recently found the Employee Attendance Record spreadsheet and need help with formulas and updates if at all possible.


I luckily found a previous thread added adjustments to the sheet to account for 1/2 days. 


On the individual calendar it tracks based off the calendar year for 'Working Days' but we track each persons 'year' but their anniversary year. Is it possible to change each calendar to the individuals anniversary year?

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@fabeltruck Exactly which template are you referring to? 

@Riny_van_Eekelen the Employee Attendance Record template



It's actually the edited template for 1/2 day from Sergei that I would need to use to account for adjustments. But I want to track employee working days by their anniversary date rather than calendar year.

@fabeltruck OK, that one. You mention that you already have an amended version based on an earlier thread. Can you add a link to that thread please? Or even better if you could upload or share (Onedrive, Dropbox) your own file.


I've worked with this template (and similar ones) before. They are packed with fancy features that make it near to impossible to adjust. The are to be used "as is" and often break when you start tinkering with them, unless you put down an immense amount of time into it.  But I may be wrong, of course, when it come to your specific requirement.

@Riny_van_Eekelen Let's see if this works! 


Employee Attendance Tracker Half Day.xlsx


Yeah, it definitely seems like a complicated tracker, but wishful thinking! 

@fabeltruck Mmmmm... wouldn't really know how to start here. Sorry.

I appreciate you taking a look!

@fabeltruck Did you ever figure out how to rework the calendar for the employee anniversary date? I am needing to edit this template in the same way.