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Hey, I want to make an excel sheet that can load a table from a web page [https://market.todaypricerates.com/egg-rate-in-Patna] the table number is 1, to my excel sheet and I want that it should refresh daily and store the last data not delete it, just like it make a record of the data. It is very urgent please help.

 I have tried using get data from the web but the first table for any reason just don't show up. 

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Hello, unfortunately I don't have a solution that works alone in Excel. The table is not recognised.

But you can use a function in Google Sheets. This works.




The file must be opened in Google Sheets to update it. You can then copy the data into a separate worksheet within Excel.




I have been collecting prices in Google Sheets now since 28/08/2022. It actually works perfectly. Have you tried it too?