Embedded Excel Spreadsheets buttons do not function

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After embedding a spreadsheet and placing the code on the website, the buttons on the far right of the bottom of the embedded workbook do not function when you click them:

  • Download
  • Refreshing the workbook
  • Microsoft Feedback
  • Information about the workbook
  • Open in a new window

I tried the embeded <iframe> code from OneDrive on different browsers and websites and they still don't function. I've tested multiple spreadsheets.


This is the embed JavaScript code generated with OneDrive and inserted in my blog post:


<iframe src="" width="402" height="346" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>



Here's an example at the end of this own blog post:

Randomly overflowed dates in Excel | #ExcelPedroWave


Captura de pantalla_20230113_093623.png

ISSUE: The 4 bottom right buttons do not respond.


This issue happens on other websites such as this blog post from my friend Chandoo:

How to embed Excel files, calculators on your website? - Step by step instructions » - L...


Does something similar happen to you with Excel embedded in your web page?

Can you help me to escalate this OneDrive service issue with Excel embedded?



Pedro Wave

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I just tested again and the OneDrive embedding service is working fine right now!
The buttons are now responsive!

Microsoft OneDrive service malfunction reported here has made embedded buttons unresponsive for 11 days, January 5-16, 2023.