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I have data in excel and one of the columns includes email addresses. A further column includes a "Yes" if that column heading applies to that person but is blank if it doesn't, i.e., the column heading refers to a sports fixture against the club at the top of the column. If person A is selected, he would have a "Yes" in the column under that fixture; if not, it would be blank. Each row has the person's email address in one of the columns. How do I send the same email to all of those selected but not to the others? For instance, the identical email will contain information that they have been selected plus all the details associated with the fixture.

My IT skills are ok but I would definitely say I am not 'highly skilled' and know nothing about coding so any response would need to "lead me by the hand"!

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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You can use =HYPERLINK for this, but you can only include 10 mail recipients in one go. see attached.

@Tony_Page2711 In the attached workbook, I use a range of data (rather an Excel table), and describe how the formulas work, including links to documentation.  Begin from the _Info worksheet.


@SnowMan55 Wow! Thank you so much for your very detailed response. I will gradually work my way through it but, with my limited skills, it may take me a little while! At first 'skim-read' I am fairly sure it will provide me with all the solutions I require.

I'll let you know.....and thanks again!