EMail Automation

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My organization does not allow VBA. So I am limited to the functions already built in Excel.


Before I pose the question, I am aware of the Hyperlink functionality within Excel and the email option in the Quick Access Toolbar. My question is kind of finding a way to combine the two. This is because with the Hyperlink, one can set up automatic launching of the email application (i.e. Outlook) with the pre-defined email recipients already filled in. On the hand, the email function under the Quick Access Toolbar allows launching the email application with the active worksheet automatically attached to the email but no pre-defined email recipients.


My dilemma is that I need to set up the automatic launching of the OL with the following conditions: 1- The active worksheet automatically attaches to the email AND 2- The pre-defined email recipients already filled in the email.

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That cannot be done without VBA...