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Hello guys please i need help 
i have a PDF file with 568 page each page contient a table. first i convert it into excel file and i didn't get what i want. second i used functionality in excel named data > get data from PDF file and all pages appear on editor power query i remove some columns and use filtre to remove some lines and i got the a perfect result. so the question any one can guide me to applicate it to all tables and extraire result on excel file because it's first time i use editor power query.



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@safwen In the Navigator screen you should enable "Select multiple items". That will allow you to select all the tables you need/want.




i select the first line so i get all the tables as one source




@Riny_van_Eekelen i want all tables will be in same table like this one 



@safwen First you said you had one PDF with 568 pages. Now it seems to connect to Folder containing many PDF's. Don't really understand what you are doing, but perhaps you need to filter the Kind column to show only "Table" and then expand the Data column.


@Riny_van_Eekelen nope one pdf with table in each page 



@safwen OK, I misunderstood. But what do you want to do next? Combine all in one large table or create separate tables in Excel for every table in the PDF?

first remove some columns second applicate filter in one column finally copy them in one spreadsheet

@safwen Separate tables or one large table?

one large table

@safwen Then I believe you can filter all the tables first and then just expand the Data column. Dot the transformation needed and Close & Load to a table.

table per table ? this will take a lot of time like that

@safwen No, expand the entire column of tables and then do your transformation on that one, assuming that all tables have the same structure and require the same transformations. But perhaps, I still misunderstand your intentions.

please can you make screenshot and i will try if you don't mind

@safwen A screen shot of what?

the steps @Riny_van_Eekelen 

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@safwen Take the screenshot in your message (see picture) as a starting point.


Klick on the button of the Kind column. Select only "Table" and press OK.

Then in the Data column, press the button with the arrows.

Should look something like this:


Press "Load more" if it show. Now uncheck the box "Use original......" and OK.

That should give you one large table of all the tables combined.




sir thanks a lot it's working@Riny_van_Eekelen