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I have a HP printer which prints in Rolls. I have many documents of variable lengths, and have set them up, but I seem to have run out of the number of page sizes I can set up.

I want to:

Be able to delete some unused ones and

Amend some of the ones I have eg change the length to a bit longer

I have googled the problem but someone suggests say to click the minus sign to remove a page, but I do not get a minus sign to do this, and I cannot amend the length on an existing one.

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Open Settings and navigate to the Printers and Scanners:

Changing paper size on printer.jpg

Select your printer and click the Manage button. The settings screen changes to:

Custom paper sizes HP.jpg

Click "Printing preferences" and see if there is a paper tab. For my HP printer there is a custom button to manage custom paper sizes, where I can add and remove them. Excel will read this list when you have that printer selected.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Thankyou Jan for your advice. I managed to create a new custom page, however I could not delete any old ones, because My printer did not have that option. it is a HP Designjet T120 

One way might be to delete the printer from the system and installing it anew? Not a nice solution as you would loose other custom paper sizes.
Thanks Jan, I can get by but I would think that Microsoft would allow users to delete paper sizes that they do not use
Also I cannot see why they do not have a setting to let the page length be controlled by the document. That would be super as all my Documents use a roll 297mm wide, thus I would only need one setting for all my documents