Easy way to pull a date from a Web Page?

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Hello - I have an Excel spread that pulls in the latest silver prices from but I need to extract the date that the price was last updated like "Oct 16, 2020 16:59 NY Time" into my spread.  Is that possible?  The connection and refresh of the table was easy but don't see a way of extracting that important piece of info.  Thanks for any help!

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You may use this User Defined Function to get the desired info from the web page.

Place this UDF on a Standard Module like Module1.

Function getDate(url As String)
Dim ie As Object
Dim doc As Object
Dim eDate As Object

Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
With ie
    .navigate url
    .Visible = False
    Do While .readyState <> 4
End With

Set doc = ie.document
Set eDate = doc.getElementsByClassName("date")(0)
getDate = eDate.innerText
Set ie = Nothing
End Function


And then you may use the above UDF like a regular Excel function on the worksheet like this...


In a blank cell, place the following function...


and this will return Oct 16, 2020 16:59 NY Time in the formula cell.


For more details, refer to the attached.



@Subodh_Tiwari_sktneer Thank you for the detailed worked great!!

You're welcome @JoanneS! Glad it worked as desired.