EASY for someone Excel SUMIFS question (see photo of text question -thanks!)

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I believe this is what you're trying to do:

=SUMIFS(Table1[Debits], Table1[Category], "Gardening", Table1[Date], ">=" & DATE(2022, 4, 1), Table1[Date], "<=" & DATE(2022, 4, 7))
Hmmmm --- Getting the error "The formula is missing an opening or closing parenthesis" -- ?

@KJPNWester Since you did not post your formula, I can't tell you anything beyond the error message - that you are probably missing an opening or closing parenthesis. The formula I posted does not have that issue, perhaps double check (of course, the table name will have to be changed to whatever yours is called)?




@JMB17 Ok thank you! I'll keep working on it!