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I have a gamification project going with my poker stuying and I would like to create an Excel file that is similar to old text-based games. I want a menu and a character panel (showing progression) to follow me on every sheet within that Excel file. I think that what I want is a dynamic template(?) but I am open to other suggestions as I have no previous experience with Excel at all.



  • Is it possible to have a template that is similar in every work sheet, but also have unique information? In the picture below I want 1 (the menu), 2 (the header), 3 (the character panel) and 4 (the empty box of start date) to be the template that every work sheet has. 1,2, and 3 will look similar in all work sheets, but 4 will have a text and pictures that is unique to that work sheet.

  • Is it also possible to update this template later so that it automatically updates the template in all the other work sheets? I might want to make the menu smaller or bigger, add more pictures and information in the character panel/progression part later. When updating the template will it erase all the unique information in 4?

Is it clear what I want to achieve?

Additional information

Windows 10

Microsoft 365 App for enterprise

Version 2106 (14131.20320)

Included Excel screenshot (not sure if I should include the actual file?)


I also read ( but I do not think I got the answer I wanted there.

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You wrote: Is it clear what I want to achieve?


To which I must reply "No!" Maybe it'd be clear to someone who shares your experience with "old text-based games" but it isn't to someone who doesn't, at least not this someone.


Further, I'd say that you probably should develop the functionality you want on each sheet before you fuss over appearances. That image you posted looks amazing (graphically), but it's a mistake to put too much energy into that aspect of an application before you've gotten it to work.


If you've got a working sample, or at least partially working, it would help to post that, so long as it contains no proprietary info.

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@mathetes Thanks. I did not realize how unclear I was being and I will have to practice being more precise with my requests in the future. I appreciate you taking your time to respond to my broad question.

However, I was lucky to find 'grouped worksheet' that managed to satisfy my needs. With grouped worksheet I am able to change the menu/character panel in all worksheets without changing other things. (