Dynamic Pricing (increase or discount on prices based on Month/Day)

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Did a good bit of searching before posting and cant seem to find anything; I have a special event business that is seasonal with high demand on weekends and trying to improve our way of charging for our good and services and by implementing "dynamic pricing".

we currently estimate event using a spread sheet and would like to just add in a couple cells that add to or discount based on a month or day drop down selection. 

Cant figure out how to upload a file so here is a Link to a simple example with notes on what I am trying to acheive.

Just need to know how to:

1. get the two needed drop down selections for the cells
2. Associate a multiplier to those (Day/Month) values
3. Show the associated value for the selection



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See the attached workbook.

that is getting close, thank you!

I am still a little unclear as to how to do it myself
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Here's another way to do what Hans has suggested:

You may be able to understand the logic a little more easily.

Cells B7 and B8 have been equipped with Data Validation to help prevent entry spelling errors.





This has got me real close, thankyou!

I will work with this and see how I can implement it into my actual spread sheet, thank you!


You're quite welcome. If there's anything else you need some help with, run it by me. I'll help if I can.