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Hi Friends, is there anyone can give me some pointers. I want to build an excel data base where I can input data unsorted on a excel sheet and it will automatically segregate those data on different sheets?  just like I want to make a batch billing and it will have a individual ledger? 

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Without any further description, it's hard to give more than a very general suggestion. How experienced and comfortable are you with Excel? There are some new functions--called Dynamic Array functions--that might be the key to your need. Here's a very useful and thorough YouTube video describing them and giving some illustrations.


FILTER and UNIQUE in particular could do the kind of separating you're describing. SORT could put individual items into a meaningful order on that billing sheet.


So give this video a look, and then come back with more questions--maybe a sample of your workbook as it exists--if you want further help.


Learn everything about our brand-new Dynamic Arrays and how you can use them to build advanced spreadsheets. Arrays (CSE) have long been present in Excel, bu...



Thank you sir, this is what I've been looking for, as I am just started on digging deeper on excel this is a great great help on making my reports more functional and easy to use.