Dynamic Excel Worksheet

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I got a Dynamic worksheet made on Excel but I want it to be automatic, since I have been copying 

and pasting data all the time.

From a column on top of my cell is time every 15 min sequence, so it start like this 6:30 am, 6:35 am, from below this cell is I need to copy a certain  cell row and paste it below this cellwhen time is met 

on the top of the column.

Let say, column D3 is my time, and it is 6:30 am, and when time is 6:30 am, it will copy cell ( B4 to B30)

and will paste it to cell (D4 to D30) at that time at 6:30 and stop. Then after that when time 6:35 is met,

it will do the same process again and paste it at cell (E4 to E30

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OK, let me rephrase this problem.
1. How could I put in a cell the time I want or a number with a time characteristic, like 6:30:00 am, I could put it in D2.
2. I want to copy B3 to D3, I could paste the result by using the formula =sum(B3-0).
3. my problem is a condition , if time is D2 (which is 6:30:00 am) my D3 is activated,



your first narrative was clearer than your second narrative.

can you share a screen shot please? Thank you