Dynamic Arrays not enabled

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Hey team, I was wondering if there was anything wrong with my Excel version since I am under the impreesion that newer functions such as UNIQUE and DA should be enabled but I haven't been able to use them. I'm using Ver 16.62 under a 365 subscription license on MacOS Monterrey. Please help? Thanks!




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@Lucas_EV Just to be sure, what do you see when you check the version you are using? Excel, About Microsoft Excel.

This is what I have (I'm on 16.64 though)

Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 06.21.27.png

But indeed, 16.62 should support the new DA functions. 


Now, perhaps a silly thought. Before I subscribed (and installed) to Office365 for Mac, I had Excel for Mac 2011 running and didn't remove it. Then I forgot to set the default app for opening xlsx files to Excel under Office365. Hence, when I opened an Excel file by double-clicking on it, Excel 2011 fired up. Obviously, not what I wanted. Could this be what's happening to you?

The 16.63 update is now available. Please update then test again. Is your license from an IT department? If yes, they may be blocking new features. Check with them.