Dynamic Array Integration for Charts in Monthly Enterprise Channel not Working

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I had been toying with the new Dynamic Array integration for charts on my personal computer (which is on the beta channel) and getting used to some of the quirks and limitations of the new tech so that when it launched on Monthly Enterprise (what my workplace uses) I would be ready to update some of my charting spreadsheets.


However, I cannot get my charts to respond to dynamic arrays natively in any capacity, despite my current version matching the release notes which state the feature should be active.


Am I missing something, or has this not made it to the Monthly Enterprise channel properly?

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At my company we're running the MEC as well and presently have 2210 deployed. I have the same problem: I can create a chart easily by clicking on any cell in a spilled array and then choosing Insert Chart..., but it does not dynamically resize. Either I am doing something odd, or it seems like there is a bug here.

Cheers, Chris W.
It appears that with the January update, nothing has changed on this front. Additionally, I do not have access to the IMAGE() function that is supposed to be available now. Currently two months of new features are not active despite my version and channel being correct.