Duplication Error in Cells

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Another Error Here.....

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In the 3 of a kind column, on the 7th row it reads 1. However it also reads 1 in the 2 of a kind column. I need a way so that this doesn't happen. In simple words if 3 of a kind is 1, 2 of a kind MUST BE 0. This is also the same for 4 of a kind.


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@LachlanM06 Why not check for 4-of-a-kind first. Then in the next column check is the previous column = 1. If so, then 0, if not check for 3-of-a-kind. etc.

Ok I get what you mean but it automatically changes so I can’t just change it. I need a formula. Thanks for the help though!
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@LachlanM06 You write an IF formulae for it like:


With E2 containing the 4-o-a-k formula, Enter this in F2:


= IF ( E2=1, 0, formula to check 3-o-a-k )


and in G2:

= IF ( F2=1, 0, formula to check 2-o-a-k )

Thanks so much! Will this still work in a IFS formula?

@LachlanM06 Why would you use IFS? There's only one check needed.