Drucktitel ist nicht verfügbar - ausgegraut

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in den Seiteneistellungen kann ich die Drucktitel nicht auswählen.

Das Feld ist ausgegraut und blockiert

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If you go to File / Print, the printer driver is already used and not all properties can be set.

That has always been the case.


Print options give you the opportunity to print tables according to your requirements. Sometimes the layout options set by the user cause difficulties. Specifically, it is about printing areas, repeating lines and repeating columns.


The associated options can sometimes not be selected. It is the case that these restrictions do not exist in principle, but can only be observed from time to time.


The problem described can always occur if you call up the "Page setup" dialog box from the page break preview rather than from the table itself. It also occurs if you have grouped several worksheets from the table when you called the dialog box.


It can then happen that certain options cannot be selected in the "Page setup" dialog box.


To work around the problem, call "Page setup" only from the normal view and make sure that no tables are grouped beforehand.


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Print titles should be enabled if you click Print Titles on the Page Setup tab of the ribbon, but not if you click Page Setup from Print Preview.


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Drucktitel sollten aktiviert sein, wenn Sie auf der Registerkarte Seitenansicht des Menübands auf Drucktitel klicken, nicht jedoch, wenn Sie in Datei > Drucken auf Seite einrichten klicken.