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1) SOFTWARE: Microsoft Excel 2016 


2) OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 Computer


2) BACKGROUND: I am having my technicians fill out this form for every car that comes in. This form includes what mechanic shop they are at, date of issue, and then the removal reason (why the car is at the shop).  There is a section that is the same and filled out for every car that comes in (i.e fluids check, oil level check, Computer analysis etc). HOWEVER, there is a another section where additional data/checks is requested based on the removal reason/car trouble.  The removal reason is a drop down box selection, and using the Vlookup function, I have a smaller table set so that when a removal reason is selected, the additional requested checks appear for them to fill out. 


3) ISSUE: Some removal reasons currently do not have any additional requested data, and the blocks there are just empty and the form looks incomplete and unprofessional. Another issue is that there are varying amounts of additional data requested.


4) QUESTION: Is there a code that I can implement to make cells appear (and shift the subsequent surrounding cells down) if the removal reason selected has additional data requested? 


5) SCREENSHOT: I did not see a place to insert a sample of the file so I just took some screenshots.


5.1) Shows the tables, the form. The Additional Data section is the table with the Vlookup table with no values in the table. 


5.2) Screenshot with Removal reason selected and subsequent additional data populated. 



I appreciate any and all help with this!  Thanks. 


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Hi @Mattman 

I would suggest to use Home: Conditional Formatting to guide the users to enter or not enter data.

Standard color choices from Home: Cell Styles: using Calculation and Input where Calculation may be eg Normal instead.


Since Leaking Oil is missing Symptom 4, F16 shows zero (I have not entered dashes in the source table) and thereby it is not expected to input anything in G16.


G15:G16 looks like input unless F15:F16 is zero.



When there is no symptom to show as label, the zero is suppressed by formatting (Ctrl+1) set to #.


You may also use Protection above to leave input cells unlocked and then Review:Protect the sheet - possibly without password.

Protection will though not be affected of the conditional formatting but makes it easier to enter data correct.