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1) can there be an option to scroll down the list with the mouse instead of the arrow up and down?


2) can there be a search option by ABC or Numbers instead of scrolling?

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You can scroll a dropdown list up and down using the mouse scroll wheel.

But to be able to use this option, you have to hover the mouse over the scroll bar instead of the list items.


With regards to the second question, there is no option at this time.

So I suggest you post an idea in Excel's Suggestion Box asking the Excel team to add such a feature.




thanks for your response.

i meant scroll down with the mouse ball

As I said in the previous reply, you can scroll a dropdown list up and down using the mouse scroll wheel.

But you have to hover the mouse over the scroll bar instead of the list items as follows:

Scroll up and down using the mouse scroll wheel.gif



Hope that helps

@Haytham Amairah this really doesn't work very well at all. Whenever the grey bar (position indicator on the right side) reaches your mouse pointer, the scrolling doesn't work anymore and you have to move you mouse pointer again. Besides that it's really not intuitive at all. Excel has come such a long way, this should be a non-issue in 2022. It should just scroll like literally every other drop-down in any software ever :)


Same thing... scrolling in a drop down list doesn't work well. I've got a list that's only got 11 items in it and so mousing over the actual scroll bar doesn't move it, only in white space. Would be awesome if this just worked the way we think it should work (like the way normal dropdowns work)
This feature works now. An update must have recently dropped that allows my worksheets with data validation lists to scroll regardless of where your mouse cursor is located within the list element.

@TheConsultant hm, interesting that this seems to work for you. I've updated MSO 365 today again, and it is still only scrolling in drop-down menus when the mouse-pointer is hovered over white-space in the scroll-bar on the right. Scrolling does not work when the mouse pointer is either not on the scrollbar nor if the cursor is hovering over the grey-bar itself. 

What is your release number where this works for you?

My current release is: Version 2302 (Build 16130.20332), Current Channel.

I'm having the same problem, crazy thing it worked for few weeks then opened up the same document several people share and now it doesn't work. Can still scroll by hitting the arrows and hovering over the scroll bar but can not utilize the scroll wheel on mouse anywhere. for past few weeks it has been great. when you click the drop down it actually opens the list larger font and allows scroll wheel anywhere etc. makes our quote sheet we use almost every day more user friendly. @Max_W13 

@lylemock same problem here. One day it was just working beautifully, the drop down would open large enough to see the whole selection and scrolled with the mouse. Now, all of the sudden, it has reverted back to only showing part of the selection and not scrolling. Wish they would have kept it the way it was last week.

From the looks of it (based on your reply, and of the most recent replies) it must have been a temp roll-out. It has even reverted for me as I can no longer scroll when I'm not hovering over the scroll bar.
My release is: Version 2303 (Build 16227.20280), Current Channel.

Almost started thinking I was losing my mind. It happened to me as well. It worked for a few days or weeks and then suddenly didn't anymore. Possibly after an update. Have you been able to resolve this? @lylemock 

As of 7/15/2023 Scrolling and Autocomplete is working on droplist. The only thing remaining here is for multiples selection Items on the same droplist, autocomplete stop working after first selection. Wish this could be updated.