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I was wondering if someone could help. I want to add a formula to a drop-down list example: 

IFS(Interface_Funding_Type_="Refinanced",AE3:AE87,Interface_Funding_Type_="Solar Loan",AF3:AF10,Interface_Funding_Type_="Green Penny",AG3:AG4,'17. Interface'!I46="Cash","0.00%"

Is it possible for the data validation drop down capable? 

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put that formula in a sheet say you name a sheet "Drop Downs" and in A1 you put that formula.

in the data validation drop down you reference the cell =A1# 


Yes it is possible. You just need to make some adjustments regarding Cash because as it is a static value it cannot be treated as a proper list.

Find attachment some idea so you can start with





This solution can be applied for any of versions of excel.