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I have created a drop down list named horizontalpress it has multiple choices in the list (push-up, bench press, dumbbell bench press, close grip push-up, etc.) what I want to do is have it so that when you pick an option from the drop down list, lets say push-up, the cell next to the drop down list will appear with the link to a tutorial video for the selected movement. Then if at a later date you select a different movement, lets say bench press, the cell next to the drop down list will appear with the link to the bench press tutorial. Can someone help me out?



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I made an example spreadsheet for you. In my example, I used the VLOOKUP function to generate the links. First you make a 2 column table with the exercise and the link on the second. (Although the table was in the same worksheet you can have it on a separate page). your the first parameter is the lookup value. That is the thing you are looking up. Next is the table array which is the source of the information. Then there is the Column index function which is the column that has the answer. The last perameter is hard to explain but you want it to be FALSE or 0. Keep in mind that the spelling MUST be exactly the way it is in the reference array otherwise it wont work. VLOOKUP is a very powerful function. I strongly recommend you do a quick YouTube search of VLOOKUP if you want more information.