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I would like to have one drop down box populate cells with different information determined by what is selected in the drop down box. For example;

If I select Tim from the drop down box the in row 3 I would like Tim's Information displayed.

Using the same drop down box if I select Don I want Don't information displayed in row 4, and so on through row 300.


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You can use VLOOKUP (or XLOOKUP, if you have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021) to look up information for the person selected in the drop-down.

See VLOOKUP function and Excel VLOOKUP Function 

Yes I'm familiar with both. Every play Golf? I'm trying to design a portable Scoring Card for the guys I play with. At the top of the Card is a Drop Down Box. So by selecting Tim, VLOOKUP goes and finds Tim, displays his name on Row 3 Cell A, displays his Handi-Cap Row 3 Cell B. No problems there. Now I want to go back to the same Drop Down Box and select another player to be displayed on Row 4, Cell A & B, just like Tim. Problem is, at least for me, every time you select a new name on the names become the same on Row 3 and Row 4.
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You should use a data validation drop-down in column A, so that each cell can hold a different name.

The formulas in the columns to the right should refer to the cell in column A in the same row.