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A and B columns having some values. wrote formula in C column with comparison of A and B columns But formula is not dragging and after sometime  some another column, dragging the cell also not working.(ex 1,2,3 etc). i googled and checked some auto options but still facing the problem.


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Hello @rajeshmanepalli987,


It is difficult to truly diagnose your problem without seeing an example of the formulas and data that you are working with. Perhaps you could share a sample of your data? (please remove any sensitive data of course)

Thanks for the reply. I will check it out tomorrow (UK Time), but I would add that the VBA code does not compile (debug + compile VBA Project). It is a standard spreadsheet of 100 sheets (eacha different Cost Centre and in each sheet there is an itemised listing of expenditure in this month against a Cost Centre.

The spreadsheet is created by Oracle e-Financials and has code in it that does not compile.

Does this help in any way?

All I could do is upload a couple of redacted images of the spreadsheet but I can only think that it is a compatibility issue between the version of the file, it not being an xlsm and Office 365. This is then counter-intuitive with it being copied to the desktop and being accessible.

Could it even be AD corruption of path and nothing at all to do with Office at all? But if the user logs into a pc with an older version of Office they can open the file!

I am totally confused.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.




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