Drag down - 5 rows same date and then plus 1 day




I would like to have an option to drag down (to create new rows in my table).


The date column should repeat the same date 5 times, add one day, and repeat that date 5 times.


Is there an easy way?

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@Celia9 The easy way, though not very elegant, would be to start with something like this (dates in B, formulas used in C):


Now select B7:B11 and pull the drag handle down as far as needed to end up with this:





You can try this formula which i've entered in cell C5 in the example.

5 rows.JPG 


I would use a formula, but that is simply the way I work

= StartDate + QUOTIENT(SEQUENCE(Count,,0),5)

No 'miracles' with flash fill etc for me I'm afraid.