Downloaded excel document not formatting with information under headers

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Hello, I have an excel document that when I am downloaded it has the header section and then underneath the information is running across the screen instead of down the screen under the headers. Have attached an image for example. Is there a way to have the information so it runs down under the headers instead of across the excel file? 

facilityexport (2) - Excel 7_18_2022 10_03_42 AM.png

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How exactly was this data pulled into Excel?
It was a document that was downloaded from a website.
In that case, try this:
- Open Excel
- Open an empty workbook (control+N)
- Click on the Data tab and click "From text/CSV"
- Select your file and click "Transform Data"
Hello, I tried this, and it did not work. The information is still going across the screen instead of down

@Smitha43 Are you able to share a sanitized copy of such a CSV file with us by any chance?


It is sensitive information, so I am not able to share the document.