Dot Displaying in a Scatter Chart

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I have a scatter chart with dots that represents information in a spreadsheet. I would like to place my cursor on a "particular dot" and it would show the contents of a "particular cell" in the spreadsheet. When I move my cursor away from the dot, the contents would disappear. I do not want to add the contents as permanent labels because the chart would become very cluttered with many dots.


Can this be done?

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What information are you intending to display? By default, Excel already pops up information about the point in question (name of the series and the x and y value).

@Hans Vogelaar I was thinking about the exact same solution :)

That is correct the name of the series does pop up. If however, I have 100 points to plot, I believe each would have to have a separate series name. If so, that would be very cumbersome.
Did you try the solution @Hans Vogelaar pointed to?
Yes, it appears to be a solution, if I understand it, but very involved as I mentioned. I am trying to determine if there is something a little more simple.
No there isn't anything simpler. This could be programmed into something that is relatively simple to use though. But it would require either an add-in that all of your users must install, or VBA code that needs to go into any workbook that makes use of this feature.
Thank you for the reply. It appears there are two solutions. Not being an expect in excel, how would I go about getting either approach? And which approach would be best in your opinion?