Does the column function spill?

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The goal here is to make a dynamic formual at the top of each column, that spill automatically based og number of columns. 


English translation:



column spill.PNG


It does not change the value of Columd when it spills.


If i copy the Offset formula it does pick the right column.



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I cannot see IFS in my excel 2016. Could you advise what the problem?



Here is an excample file. 


I would like to sum each column at the top.



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@Geir Hogstad 



Thank you Detlef, this was brilliant.

Hi Geri, I mean function “IFS” no found in my Microsoft excel 2016. Can you help to add it for me? I try to find most many way. But still no idea how to set it up for using.

Pls see my screenshot.
This point I am not sure.
I am sory. But this is beyong my skills. I Guess you should contact Microsoft support to get some help on this. Or google to see which version IFS is in.