document does not open

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the document does not open.
Excel writes: cyclic links

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The workbook is hidden.

After clicking OK in the circular references warning, click Unhide in the Window group of the View tab of the ribbon.

Select your workbook, then click OK.


The circular reference are in:

  • Cell B29 of the стадии sheet: =SUM(B29:B35) refers to B29 itself. Change it to =SUM(B30:B35)
  • Cell B23: =SUM(B23:B28). Change this to =SUM(B24:B28)
  • Cell B11: =SUM(B11:B17) becomes =SUM(B12:B17)
  • Cell B5: =SUM(B5:B10) becomes =SUM(B6:B10)