Do a simple Algebraic formula

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Example; if (AB1:AB90) divided by C equals D what values in AB1 through AB90 divided by C would

equal E?



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If I'm doing the Maths right it can only be one value C*E.
If you want the count then use COUNTIF().
It is not a simple algebra problem.
Your set of 91 numbers is compound of a combination from a set of infinite numbers where you can choose any number. Either with or withou repetitions.
If you at least can specify the limit of your values:
{Set of Integer Numbers greater than Zero}
{Set of positive odd/even numbers smaller than W}

@Juliano-Petrukio   If I understood your answer, I wouldn't have had a question about it. But thanks for trying. 


I disagree because even if you define your limits for instance Set of Integer Numbers greater than Zero or other limit, we still need to find what set of numbers can actually be divided by "C" that equal to "E" as per your proposition. In number theory we called it partitions.
Remember that your E value can be any value. Can be a square root of a number or can be any irrational number as well or even a function E=f(x) it can be.

Ps.: When we talk about numbers it can be anything, that's why is important we define the limits otherwise we will have the whole universe of numbers.