Divisional formula misunderstanding - simple

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Apologize, Im not fluent in excel vocabulary yet. please, bare with me.


Im trying to find the "lowest bid" in a divisional formula for B2 through F3

And then have the =INDEX of the vendor name (ex: Vendor #1, Vendor #2, etc) show in column I (Vendor Name Column)



I'm Looking for a formula for Price and weight per ounce. The Lowest price per ounce Vendor Name enters into Column I "Vendor Name".

 => example: if the same product costs $17 for 18oz from Vendor #1, and 6.99 for 12 oz. from Vendor #2,


What formula to have the price per ounce EQUAL the lowest bid.  (where vendor #2 is cheaper than Vendor #1 per ounce)


Lowest price per ounce =  lowest bid.


Where the B2/B3 is the price per oz.


I need to have the "Vendor Name" column recognize this divisional formula and =INDEX the name


What I have in the "Low Bid' Column H only equals B2/B3 and not the entire B2/B3 : F3 comparison


Column H Formula : =MIN(B2:F3, B2/B3)

      -( which gives only B2:B3 as answer for "low Bid" per ounce.)


Column I Formula : =INDEX($B$1:$F$1,MATCH(H2,B2:F2,0))


Note: only columns B2:B3 have this formula which equals the #N/A for I2.




If this isn't enough information, I apologize,  please ask and I'm happy to share




heres the example:


               A                                       B                            C                          D                           E                  


Vendor / ItemVendor #1Vendor #2Vendor #3Vedor #4Vendor #5 Low BidVendor Name
Product #117.046.99  53.65 0.946666667#N/A
WEIGHT1812.3  80 12.3Vendor #2
Product #219.82   6.31 6.31Vendor #5
WEIGHT16   16 16Venor #1
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That could be


for Low Bid



for Vendor name. Also in attached file.


Thank You Mr. Sergei, works perfectly.