Division formula returns 0 value

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I'm trying to use a simple formula to divide the value of one cell by the value in another cell and every time the result of the formula is "0".  The two cells I'm using both have actual numbers in them.  Neither is "0" or blank.  The two cells have formulas in them as well...they are simple SUM formulas adding up the row they are in.  But they both display positive numbers and when I try to divide them, it just shows as zero.  The formula I'm using is =P15/N5.  Below you can see what I put in, and then the zero value returned.  Can't figure out why it won't divide the two numbers. 





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The chances are that the format of the formula cells is set to show zero decimal places and if you copy the formula cell and paste it as a value you will get the actual underlying value or use a formula =VALUE(<reference to the formula cell>) and it will return the actual value. To deal with this scenario, increase the decimal places to do so custom format the formula cells as Numbers and increase the decimal places.

Wow that was it!!! Thank you so much. I was going crazy trying to figure that out. You're a life saver!

You're welcome @iwarda! Glad I could help.