Divide the value from month granularity in one table to daily granularity in another table

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Hi @Sergei Baklan ,


I have a 'Target' table as below:


Accruals table as below:



Now i need to split the Target table value column to their corresponding point id and date in Accrual table. Unfortunately,we only have months in Target table instead of dates.
Our idea was to write a measure to find the no of days for months in target table. Then divide the units by  number of days to find units for corresponding points id in Accruals table. Below is the sample calculated column we tried. we are not sure whether this is correct or not.




But we couldn't achieve this using dax measure.Also, please suggest if you have different idea to achieve this

Please help us write a dax measure to achieve this


PFA file here Financial Management -ADB.pbix


Thanks in advance!


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Finally, what you'd like to show, Target Unit Rate only or Target Units and Target Cost as well?

Will play with that some later, first thoughts

- you may add number of days in the month into Calendar table, like 

DaysInMonth = DAY( EOMONTH( 'Calendar'[Date], 0 ) )

or better in Power Query

- current Target unit rate could be simplified to

Target unit rate = 
ABS( DIVIDE( 'Accruals'[Target Cost] , 'Accruals'[Target units] ) )

Hi @Sergei Baklan 


Thanks for your quick response!

The dax measure you gave for number of days is awesome Sir!

Also, thanks for simplifying the Target unit rate measure:smile:


We like to show 'Target Unit' and 'Target Cost' also as a dax measure

The Target Unit in target table comes under Target Type(Column) = 0, 

The Target Cost in target table has Target Type = 1.  


Thanks in advance!



Not sure I understood entire logic of the model. Here is variant.

Relationships are:


In Accrual table we add calculated column

MonthID = YEAR( Accruals[Date] )*100 + MONTH( Accruals[Date] )

to separate, for example, January 2023 and January 2024.

Since Accruals is filtered both by Points and Calendar we calculate number of days based on that table

no of days in Accruals = COUNTROWS( 'Accruals' )

Month Lookup we use as bridge table between Accruals and Target, for both 1:many. Thus we use CROSSFILTER in measures.

For Total Units

3-Target units Total = SUMX (
    VALUES ( 'Accruals'[MonthID]  ),
        SUM ( 'Target'[Value] ),
        'Target'[TargetType] = 0,
        CROSSFILTER ( 'Month Lookup'[Month ], 'Accruals'[Month], BOTH )
3-Target units = DIVIDE (
    [3-Target units Total],
    [no of days in Accruals]

Visuals for testing are on Page 4


Didn't do Target Cost, too late today. Guess it shall be similar.

File is here TechComm - OneDrive ( . Good luck!

Hi @Sergei Baklan 


Many thanks for the lovely solution sir!:smile:

This solution has worked like a gem and as always you & your quick solution rocks!

you made my day!


We need your help in resolving the below issue:

we are trying to dynamically change between profile,direct and target units by referencing them in below measures that point to field parameters

Priority 1 units measures point to Parameter 4 field parameter table
Priority 2 units measures point to Parameter 5 table
Priority 3 units measures point to Parameter 6 table
When I drag them in below visual it shows blank for INSE-100:


But in data view there is a value for target but not showing in visual:



PFA file here Financial Management -ADB (1).pbix

Please help in resolving this Sir!


Thanks in advance!


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If in code for the Priority 3 to change


it is shown


Not sure about other measures

Hi @Sergei Baklan 


Many thanks for this amazing quick solution Sir!:smile:

I tried the same in my file, but still i am getting blanks.


If you don't mind, can you please send me the file so that i can have a look into changes and update my file for other measures as well

Also, i have marked your solution as the best response!


Thanks in advance!

Hi @Sergei Baklan 


Many thanks Sir!:smile:

The report is working like a gem! Its a great learning experience Sir! I have closed this query

As always, please let me know if i can do anything from my end:smile:

@Excellove15 , thank you, nothing. If I have any questions -will contact.

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If in code for the Priority 3 to change


it is shown


Not sure about other measures

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