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I'm using the newest version of Excel on PC. 


I'm working on a huge project and need some help so I can work smarter in Excel. I have managed to combine data from four cells, but it looks messy and I want to place the text from each cell below the next one. In the picture below, you can see the formula I have used to combine the data. And in the yellow cell I have manually made the set up that I want. 


Is it possible to format the cells so the combined data get the view I'm looking for? 


I have tried "Alt+Enter" within the formula I made but nothing happens...


Combined data.png

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=A2&CHAR(10)&"Phone: "&B2&CHAR(10)&"Email: "&C2&CHAR(10)&"Web: "&D2


CHAR(10) is the line break character in Excel.

Don't forget to turn on Wrap Text for the cell with the formula.

Thank you Hans, it worked perfectly!