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Hey! first post here..trying not to get frustrated over this but my data isn't turning out how I want it to. I want the dark blue columns to read as days, mos, and years worth of inventory in a storage bin. I know there can't be 89 years worth of inventory in there...what am I doing wrong? 


formulas used to calculate columns:

Pieces=usage/work day avg

replen frequency days=new max/pieces

replen frequency mos= replen frequency days/30.417

replen frequency yrs=replen frequency mos/12


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In the first data row, usage is only 0.2 per month.

With a new max of 270, that is enough for 270/0.2 = 1350 months. That is over 100 years.

Perhaps the average of 0.2/month is not realistic?

Reworking usage helped a bit. Do you think anything else could be wrong as far as the math goes in the dark blue columns?
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The formulas are OK, I suspect the input values are off.