Displaying various data across multiple workbooks

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I am trying to create a formula that would allow me to input a value on sheet 1 and then a different value be displayed on sheet two. For instance, I need to be able to input "15" in sheet one cell E3 and have "100" displayed on sheet 2 cell C3. I have tried multiple IFS and IF formula with no success. Any help would be much appreciated.

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As far as I understood...
Example: if the value "15" in cell E3 and worksheet 1, then value "100" in cell C3 in worksheet 2.

Formula: =IF(Sheet1!E3=15;100;Sheet1!E3)


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I got the formula to work, now how do I add an array? should look something like this 15=100,10=50,8=25,5=15,2=5,1.5=1.5,1=1,0.033=0.5. I tried to repeat the formula and ended up with an error. =IF('Quantitative Assessment'!B3=15,100,'Cost Justification'!B2)('Quantitative Assessment'!B3=10,50,'Cost Justification'!B2)('Quantitative Assessment'!B3=8,25,'Cost Justification'!B2) error every time!


I'd create a lookup table:


You can then use

=IFERROR(VLOOKUP('Quantitative Assessment'!B3, $A$2:$B$7, 2, FALSE), 'Cost Justification'!B2)


=XLOOKUP('Quantitative Assessment'!B3, $A$2:$A$7, $B$2:$B$7, 'Cost Justification'!B2)