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Hi Everyone,


I am trying to display values to the right of clustered bars like this. So, basically I wouldn't have normal x-axis labels, I just want the exact value displayed to the right of the bar. The other thing is is my data already represent percentages, so, the values in my sheet like "9" or "14" are already percents and aren't decimals that need to be converted to percents. Is this helpful? I'm nervous to post here honestly because so many tech-ish forums have pretty unfriendly answers/responses, so, please be kind in your response. Thanks! I have obviously tried messing with axis labels, and the only video I found similar to this was how to convert decimals to percents and then display them...I just figured out the quick layout thing which seems to display values within the's close...

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Hi Kelsey,


Don't worry, participants in this forum are very friendly. I think that what you want is data labels:


Not sure about the percentages though - could you show us what the data look like?

@Hans Vogelaar Thanks so much, it's always something so obvious!! Here's a pic of some of my data, is this what you mean? So basically 5% of Hawaii small business firms are 0-2 years old, for example. I'm starting to get worried I need to enter the values in the cells as something like "5%" for the labels to show up.

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 3.43.53 PM.png

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If you want 5 to display as 5% in the data labels:

Double-click on any data label for Hawaii. Excel should select all of them and activate the Format Data Labels task pane.

Click Label Options, then expand Number.

Enter   0"%"   with quotes around % in the Format Code box, then click Add.


Do the same for the US data labels.

@Hans Vogelaar Thank you so much!!

@Hans Vogelaar 


So, I can't even figure out how to post a new topic...I looked it up and someone was saying how maybe when you first join it limits how many posts you can make at first to control for spam?


Anyway, new question below:


Hi Everyone, 


I have these two pie charts, as you can see by the grid they are exactly lined up, but the LGBTQ one is slightly higher than the woman-business one. I tried moving it, but the orange section just separates from the green and turquoise sections. Is there a precise way to make sure this pie is exactly the same size and position as the woman-business one? I also tried experimenting with making the title two lines as in the woman-business title, but the pie didn't move. I've tried looking this up online and all I find is how to move the entire chart, not the pie itself. By the way, these are two charts right next to each other. Thank you for any help.


Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 4.30.56 PM.png


If you look closely, you'll see that the bottom edges of the charts are perfectly aligned, but the top edges aren't:


The one on the left is slightly taller than the one on the right. I'd try making the women chart as a whole slightly smaller so that it is the same size as the LGBTQ chart.


If you go to the forum page, don't you see a 'Start a Discussion' button?

Thank you, when I try and adjust the size of one chart, they both adjust, it's so weird...oh well...and thank you for providing the forum link...i'm not sure if i was there yesterday or not, but, currently i do see a start a discussion button, so, i bookmarked that link!!

@Hans Vogelaar Thank you, I did get the charts to adjust to the same size, but the LGBTQ pie is still bigger. If you know of any additional tricks, please let me know, otherwise maybe our communications team can figure it out :)

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 12.28.00 PM.png


I guess it's because the chart title of the women chart takes up two lines. Try either shortening that title, or adding a line break to the chart title of the LGBTQ one.

@Hans Vogelaar Yeah that's what I originally thought/tried, and where I went wrong was not clicking out of the title when I was done. When I adjusted in the title, nothing happened, but the pie adjusted after I clicked out of it. Thank you!