Displaying the difference of two numbers

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to find out sum of two numbers, quite often we select the two numbers, and look at the status bar to find out the summation. there is sometimes a requirement to find out difference as well. is it possible for excel to display in status bar, the difference between two numbers, when two numbers are selected in the sheet ? 

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@AmitMistryAlpha  .... Right-click the status bar, and you will see all of the available functions.  In Excel 2010 (YMMV):


xl status bar func.jpg


Nothing there are about subtraction of two cells.  I'm not surprised.  There is no such function in Excel.


Caveat: A google search for "excel add functions to status bar" (without quotes) yields misleading direction (e.g. https://www.excelforum.com/excel-programming-vba-macros/395055-adding-a-new-function-to-values-in-th... ).  They explain how to display the results of your own VBA code on the status bar.  Not how to truly add a function to the menu of status bar operations.