displaying data list from resuting Power Pivot table

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Quick question to anyone that can help :).


I created a Power Pivot table as a presentation tool, but when we were trying to analyze the details of the table, the resulting data list does not show any figures. I suspect this is due to the message which says "Data returned for Sum of .............. [All] (First 1000 rows). Am I right? Also, is there anyway that we can change this to look at the full list?



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To increase the limit Open DataModel connection properties and within it increase the limit




However, if you have an empty list on drill down I don't think that's due to first 1000 rows limit.

Hi Sergei


Thanks for the tip ~ and it works!


I suspected it was due to the limit of 1000 rows as is I if I filtered the data to be more specific, I can get the data list to show matching figures with my main pivot, but a general drill down gives me zero figures.


Anyway, thanks a lot for the advise.

It's really helpful. Thank you much !